Free ebook: Project Manager’s Guide to Kanban

What's Inside

Kanbanize 2019

There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you’ll learn how Kanban can boost your team's efficiency and minimize wasted resources. 

Why Kanban: A look at the birth of Kanban along with principles and practices for project managers 

About the Author

Kanbanize CEO and Co-founder

Dimitar Karaivanov

Dimitar is a Lean-thinker and Kanban practitioner with over 15 years experience in software development and process improvement at SAP, Johnson Controls and Software AG.  As CEO and Co-founder, Dimitar envisaged and brought Kanbanize to life to improve the way companies manage big initiatives across multiple teams.

Team Kanban to Project Management:
Creating a project management system that spans your organization

Project Planning: Why to avoid determinalistic thinking and how a pull system can dramatically improve productivity

Project Execution: Best practices for configuring your team boards, setting rules and assigning roles

Tracking and Forecasting: Principles of Lean explained. Deriving actionable insights from your data

Managing Risk:  how to avoid the 3 wastes in project management. Invoking metrics for stability and predictability