Free ebook: Project Manager’s Guide to Kanban

What's Inside

Kanbanize 2019

There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you’ll learn how to organize work, keep track of projects and optimize workflow with Kanban.

Why Kanban: A look at the birth of Kanban along with principles and practices for project managers 

About the Author

Kanbanize CEO and Co-founder

Dimitar Karaivanov

Dimitar is a Lean-thinker and Kanban practitioner with over 15 years experience in software development and process improvement at SAP, Johnson Controls and Software AG.  As CEO and Co-founder, Dimitar envisaged and brought Kanbanize to life to improve the way companies manage big initiatives across multiple teams.

Team Kanban to Project Management:
Creating a project management system that spans your organization

Project Planning: Why to avoid determinalistic thinking and how a pull system can dramatically improve productivity

Project Execution: Best practices for configuring your team boards, setting rules and assigning roles

Tracking and Forecasting: Principles of Lean explained. Deriving actionable insights from your data

Managing Risk:  how to avoid the 3 wastes in project management. Invoking metrics for stability and predictability